Melbourne, Australia
"David provides superb expertise across all forms of digital media and communications.  He delivers strategic support integrating all technical platforms to effectively reach multiple target audiences.  His approach is data driven and also sensitive to detailed content across multiple fields including the arts, business, politics, community engagement, event management, media and production.  I have already recommended his professional services to a wide range of colleagues."


We need to understand how the content we produce is placed inside our digital products.  That each element is part of the bigger picture of who we are, what we say and how we say it.

My experience in planning, producing and implementing wholistic digital products is extensive and I love to share.

Creative Direction

What does your product look like? How does it communicate with your audience?  What does it say about you?  Where is it going?

This is the fun stuff and I would bite your arm off for the chance to help answer all these questions and more.

Campaign Development

Taking your first steps out into the digital world with a new product can be daunting.  Knowing where you need to be positioned and how you should be engaging are not always obvious at the start of a journey.

Together we can build a sustainable, positive campaign and in the process develop your skill-set to tackle the digital world.
"No matter what the format or the scale of the project, David always has value to add to it.  Whether it is translating a real-world event into digital or vice-versa, his leadership and ingenuity are perfectly aligned with our ethos of consult, collaborate, re-generate & sustain."
- Liam Lynch, Director, Square Pit

Square Pit

Square Pit is a social think-tank that delivers life changing experiences.
The epitome of how a collective idea becomes reality.  Born from an incessant belief that the people in power lack the context to make decisions that affect the people who compose the World around us.

"David's vision and expertise are key to the effective management of our media projects and he remains a key driver throughout the development of the T13 brand."
- Gary Flynn, Commercial Manager, T13


My freelance life is not just a place to share my experience with clients, it is a place to learn and challenge myself.  When the notion of a project intrigues me, puts a smile on my face or tries the boundaries of my knowledge I know I’m hooked.  From that point on the client and I are in it together.


Brand creation, creative direction for project, social media campaign development, custom events web app & CMS built in Ruby.


Digital comms strategy, content production, product management, brand management.

Raleigh India

Expedition photography, production of expedition magazine, generation of internal & external marketing materials.

Josh Funder - ALP for Wills

Digital campaign delivery for Josh Funder's ALP pre-selection campaign.
Social media, digital design, email marketing, direct marketing, MMS marketing, copywriting.

"David is awesome to work with, going the extra mile in all areas including being fantastically creative."
- Pete Lynagh, Director, DJ Insider

DJ Insider

Music - video - social media, such a symbiotic relationship.  DJ Insider is a passion project allowing me to experiment with knowledge I glean from my other areas of work & life.  The opportunity to travel and meet exciting new people are the sort of added bonuses that help to breed fresh perspectives.

"For me it is about purpose.  Purpose in the way I talk, move, play, work & live."
- David Sherman, me

My motivation

You know the feeling you get when you are proud of something?  Not because a client told you they are happy with the work, or because you see an audience engaging with your product.  The pride that comes from knowing that you put everything you could into it and you got everything you could from the people in your team.

That’s the reason I enjoy what I do in life & work.  If you wish to distill that into keywords or jargon I guess it comes down to collaboration & practice.  For me it is about purpose.  Purpose in the way I talk, move, play, work & live.

My media consumption has always been of an exorbitant rate.  As a child it was TV, movies and comics that I felt connected too.  When I started to find my place in the World it was music and documentary.  Then the Internet did it’s thing and with the disruption of the media industry it became clear that I could cut my own path in the digital landscape.  That is the essence of the digital media we live with today, it is ever-changing; both challenging and exciting in many ways.  Having a willingness to learn and try fresh ideas is the ethos of digital disruption and connected knowledge.  Being part of such a world instills me with energy to channel back into my life.

About me

I like being outdoors, I love travelling.  My camera is my most prized possession but the photos I take are for me not you.  I read, endlessly - articles, books, tweets… everything.  Being reflective gives me a lot of peace.  Understanding how things work gives me inspiration.  I care about the planet we are honoured to live on and about how we look after each other in our global society.

From Belfast, currently living in Melbourne via lots of places.